I Am Not Tall

I am not tall
But my legs work fine
They are long enough
My feet are well grounded.
I am not pretty
But don’t tell the man who’s loved me
For more than thirty-three years.
I am not clever
But I’m no fool
When I don’t understand
I know who to trust.
I’m no gourmet chef
But dinner is on the table
At the appointed time.
I am not smart
But I am curious
I question and read
I know House Finches eat oranges
And recently discovered
That a flibbertigibbet
Is a flighty, excessive talker
A flibbertigibbet, I am not.
I’m not an intellectual
Do not ask me to do math
But I know about Plato’s Cave
And Pascal’s Wager
And I am certainly all in
On the existence of God.
I am not rich
But I’ve stargazed in Zion
Skated on frozen canals
And gathered seashells at sunset
Along the shore of the North Sea.
I am not famous
But my friends and family know me
I can pick up my own groceries
Without causing a stir.
I’m not elegant
I can bait my own hook
And spit.
I am no leader
But I can serve
Or follow.

I wish I could say I’m never anxious.
I wish I could say I don’t worry.
I wish I could say I’m always kind.

I am not brave
But I know how to pray.
I’m no angel
I am a child of God.
I am not young
But I can walk forever
Unless through deep sand
In the heat of the day.
I am not tall.