Pleasures Pure
by Terrie van Baarsel

I want to live where hearts are beating
Where time is short and life is fleeting
Where laughter dares and cheeks are ruddy
And children sing and boots are muddy
From loving, musing, romps through rain
That end in warmth of hearth again.

I long to rid my heart of worry
And dance to life and never hurry
Stroll through orchards born of earth
Grown from seeds of love and mirth
And pluck ripe fruit, bite right in
And let sweet juice run down my chin.

I want to drink of love’s new wine
So deep and rich in taste, divine!
Then toast the hues of morning sun
And never being weary, run
‘long winding paths through forest glades
’til shadows fall and sunlight fades.

I want to dance in autumn leaves
Feel the bite of winter’s freeze
And riding emerald springtime swells
Recall a child’s lost summer spells
Her mirrored dreams of salt and spray
And sea-kissed skies o’er holidays.

And yet, just to share a cup of tea
And gaze into the eyes of thee
And sing this moment’s joyous song
And know ’tis here that I belong
Desiring naught but ties that bind
Secure and free, at the same time.