What is there to say about myself?

Let’s see… I am a sixty-ish year old woman happily married to the best husband ever, with three grown children and three grandchildren all whom I love dearly. My identity is very much tied up in my role as a wife, mother and grandmother. It’s risky conjoining identity to role because roles change over a lifetime and then where does that leave you? Perhaps it does not matter. At least it’s not something I’ve worried about so far.

Which brings me to worry. I do my fair share. I really can’t seem to help myself. Worry and anxiety are default settings inherited from my mother and her mother before her. It’s a continuing struggle to trust God with my fears. I must remind myself often; He is good and He is sovereign.

Which brings me full circle to my identity in Christ. That will never change. Not because I deserve it but because of His stubborn Grace refusing to let me go.