The Lesser Light

by Terrie van Baarsel

The greater light commands the day
Its voice goes out
The world spins
And all humanity hears
But men dream in darkness
Old women and babies listen carefully then
For the lesser light speaks too

Profound is the mystery
Sad and beautiful
Radiant and hopeful
The moon shows forth its phases
It waxes and wanes
Inspires and influences
An enduring witness
Hushed and somber
To times and the end of time

Having no light of its own
The lesser depends upon the greater
Its splendor is borrowed
Its image a reflection
But how magnificent is the muting
And elegant the wounding
Of ether and myth
When glory dispels obscurity
Befriending lonely sky

Density and mass press down
Yet weightless are the shadows
And winsome the wonder
Of gossamer and fairy wings
‘Neath earth’s great satellite

The stillness shifts and trembles
Perplexing the poets and purveyors of gloom
But we follow dainty pipers
Lost in fancy and pleasant reverie
For even the tuberose blooms at night